Monday, 3 August 2009

I'm A Corporate Shill...But It's Alright! - Orange RockCorps

Orange RockCorps Festival is not your usual mainstream music festival - all attendees have to have volunteered at least four hours of their own time to a project beneficial to their local community; such as painting a school or library, cleaning up a part of town, renovating an allotment, etc. You can't buy or win tickets to this, you have to pull your weight. The festival itself takes place in the Royal Albert Hall on the 25th of September. Headliners to be announced...

My role is going to be as a Project Co-ordinator, helping set up and oversee the group opportunities organised for this kind of work and make sure they are efficient and a good time for all involved. This is a project I can totally get behind, and could only realistically be produced by an organisation with the kind of budget and standing that a major brand like Orange possesses. It is also great that a section of the youth populace who would never normally have reason nor the opportunity to visit the (amazing) Royal Albert Hall get the chance to do so, under very exceptional and personal circumstances - to see their music, and to know they have earned it.

To know that it has such positive accomplishments involved is what drew me to apply, and I am very happy to be involved with the festival.

I'll be working on this from August 3rd to September 25th.

EDIT: Oh yeah, the amount of people we're aiming to get involved over six weeks...?

Five thousand...

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